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Our Grandma Ruth Stanton is currently 99 years old and has volunteered in her community and for this nation all of her life. Throughout our generation our family has served America through volunteerism and living purposeful lives. This grant is to honor her lifetime dedication and service. We are offering a $500.00 grant to the person, family or organization who most reflects Grandma Ruth’s dedication and lifelong service.

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Meet Grandma Ruth Stanton

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shinryaku_ika_musume_season_2_opfullmp3 Grandma Ruth has always been a dedicated volunteer who wasn’t afraid of hard work. She is a faithful and kind team player who helped anyone in need and has always put others’ needs above herself. During her life she has volunteered and supported agencies like Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill, and the Red Cross. She has also supported homeless shelters, worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, and donated to various organizations feeding the hungry. She has ministered to the sick at the hospitals and has given financially to those in need.. She has taken in troubled teens and families that needed temporary housing and raised three foster children. For over 80 years she has supported various missionaries through financial support, making quilts, and sending educational supplies. She never misses church and is a prayer warrior for those having problems. My Grandmother taught us all to live purposeful lives and hopefully her example will inspire others to live an accomplished goal driven life so generations will continue to help America stay strong.

How did the Ruth Stanton $500.00 Community Grant Start?

While performing various community service projects we found Howard and Ethel Mesecher. We were impressed with their service to others. They like Grandma Ruth spent their entire lives in volunteer service and were such a inspiration to those around them!

We wanted to honor them for their commitment to community service and also honor others that have a heart for giving to others. We named our families community service projects, Action Volunteering, and are now certified through the Points Of Light who also recognizes volunteers. The Ruth Stanton Grant is funded solely by our family and we are committed to search the nation to find
the best candidate possible that reflects the values and service of our Grandma Ruth.

Meet the first Ruth Stanton Community Grant winners: Howard and Ethel Mesecher

They have been volunteering in various services for over 53 years! Some of the volunteering activities are singing in chorus groups entertaining seniors from various Assisted living and other places to bring joy and happiness to others.  Both Howard and Ethel have worked full time as volunteers for their church since 1990 without pay. Ethel is a full time secretary and also volunteers as a teacher’s Aid. In her spare time she also volunteers in the church’s religious store.

Ethel also serves on several committee’s including the Bereavement Committee from church and social committee at Highland Springs Country Club.

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Howard has also spent a lifetime of volunteering which started after he returned from WW2. He has been a lector and a lector trainer for his church. Howard and Ethel has also been involved in fund raising efforts and have been extremely successful in reaching their fund raising goals. Howard said “Volunteering is fun. You get to meet so many wonderful people and share in the experience of giving of yourself for the benefit of others. If the good lord is willing our volunteering will continue as long as we are able.”

Howard and Ethel were recently awarded The Lifetime Presidential Volunteer service award for doing over 4,000 of community service. We are proud to have Howard and Ethel represent the Ruth Stanton Grant award for 2006.

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Meet Alex Ball, Winner of the Ruth Stanton Community Grant for 2011

Our 2011 Ruth Stanton Community grant winner is Alex Ball, age 25, from Montclair, New Jersey. He is a recent graduate of Brandeis University. Growing up, Alex was surrounded by advocates for equality and opportunities in education. His parents, who have been educators for over 30 years, have instilled in Alex the importance of vocational training and the pursuit of higher education. 

Alex is passionate about volunteering. For the last six years Alex, has led service trips to Peru and Costa Rica, promoting community service opportunities for the youth. He has a talent for working with the local and regional governments. Alex has worked to improve rural sanitation and build infrastructure for sustainable economic development. As an experienced carpenter, he traveled to Costa Rica where he built houses with Habitat for Humanity for five months.

He then started running a community service project working with various High Schools, which eventually led him to do some community service projects in Peru. While in Peru, he implemented a project that brought electricity to the impoverished village of Socma, Peru. For the last six years Alex has dedicated his life to an organization than he founded called the Sacred Valley Project. The Sacred Valley Project constructs and maintains dormitories for female students from poor and marginalized communities in the province of Urubamba. The mission is to provide indigenous girls from the rural highlands of Peru with education, skills and resources to become leaders in their communities. 

Alex has been described by as friends as "The Pied Piper of Peru" because he is a charismatic and compassionate individual and the community flocks to him. We are happy to recognize Alex for his philanthropic work. Over his years of service he has earned the Bronze, Silver and Gold Presidential Service Awards for his dedication to community service. We are proud that Alex Ball is the Ruth Stanton Community Service grant winner for 2011. Thank you Alex for your labor of love in Peru and in the United States as well. You are an inspirational volunteer indeed!

Be sure to view our Photo Gallery for winners photos and more!

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rsu View the 2010 Grant Winner Information Here>>>

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